What products should I use on Hair Secrets clip in extensions? June 29 2013

Choose salon quality products that are specifically formulated for color treated hair, as they will help keep the extensions soft and shiny.

How do I wash Hair Secrets clip in extensions? June 29 2013

Over time, clip in extensions will accumulate residue just like your natural hair. This does not mean the extensions need to be washed after each wear. To keep the extensions in optimal condition, we recommend washing every 5th-10th wear.
The extensions should be washed in a tub or sink (they should not be washed while clipped in your natural hair in the shower!)

1) Before washing, thoroughly brush the extensions to ensure there are no tangles.
2) Carefully rinse each piece seperately with luke warm water.
3) Place a small amount of shampoo specifically formulated for treated hair in the palm of your hand.
4) Gently lather the shampoo into the hair ensuring you work with one piece at a time. Do not twist, rub or scrub the hair. Gentle is the word to keep in mind!
5) The shampoo should be applied the hair in a downwards motion from the top of the extensions, down to the ends.
6) After lathering, rinse the hair thoroughly under lukewarm water until all shampoo is completely removed.
7) Apply conditioner, leave for 5 minutes and rinse.
8) Repeat with remaining pieces in the set.

We also recommend the use of a nourishing treatment every month or so. This will ensure your hair extensions remain in optimal condition.

Is it normal for some hair dye to bleed when I wash Hair Secrets clip in extensions? June 29 2013

Yes. Hair Secrets extensions have been colored just prior to being packaged, so hair color dyes might bleed the first few times you wash your hair extensions. This is completely normal as it is the hair dye residue from the coloring process.

Can Hair Secrets clip in extensions be colored? June 29 2013

As we offer such an extensive selection of shades, we do not recommend coloring the hair extensions unless it is absolutely necessary. All hair extensions have already undergone a color processing, so further coloring may cause damage of the hair.
If you do need to color the hair to achieve an exact match, we recommend having your hair extensions professionally colored by a hairstylist who preferably has experience with coloring hair extensions. We highly recommend that a test sample be colored first on the smallest hair extension weft to make sure you obtain your desired color results. We also recommend using a semi permanent color as it is much more to the hair extensions.


Can I sleep with Hair Secrets clip in extensions? June 29 2013

We do not recommend wearing your clip in extensions to bed, as this may cause tangling and/or damage to the clips.

Can I swim with Hair Secrets clip in extensions? June 29 2013

Yes. When swimming with your hair extensions, ensure your hair is either down or tied into a simply ponytail. Do not put the hair extensions in a bun as this can cause severe tangling with both your extensions and natural hair.
Chlorine and salt water may dry out your hair extensions, so ensure you wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming.

How often should I wash Hair Secrets clip in extensions? June 29 2013

Clip in extensions should be washed every 5-10 wears or when there is excessive build up of styling products on the hair.

How do I store Hair Secrets clip in extensions? June 29 2013

Both of our clip in sets include a free storage case to help maintain the lifespan of your extensions. The storage case will help eliminate dust build and any potential tangling, ensuring your extensions stay in top condition for as long as possible.

Can I straighten and curl Hair Secrets clip in extensions? June 29 2013

Absolutely! You can straighten, curl and style the hair extensions just as you would your own hair.

How do you put in clip in hair extensions? June 29 2013

Clip in hair extensions attach quickly and easily to your own hair with small comb-like clips that are sewn directly onto the back of the wefts.
These clips are opened and then snapped shut onto your own hair. Our clips are lined with a small silicone strip with ensures they stay on super tight and do not slip down your natural hair.

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