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Hair Secrets is the brainchild of founder, Natalie Padjan. After noticing her hair's gradual thinning from past bleaching and excessive hair straightening, Natalie had her first full-head of permanent extensions at age 17, an experience that resulted in great volume and length, but also hair shedding, tangling, and the uncomfortable nature of 200 bonds that made sleeping a nightmare.

Over the following years, her search for the perfect head of hair led her to weave-in and micro-bead extensions. The outcome? Headaches, loose bonds, and hair with a noticeably brittle look and feel. This, combined with a limited array of available shades, set Natalie on a crusade to provide women with hair extensions that would deliver both flawless locks and enduring beauty - everything the others simply didn't do.

Now, after 18 months of extensive research, the result is the genius of Hair Secrets, a range of superior quality clip-in hair extensions for undetectable, go-to gorgeous length in an instant. With Iong-hold clips and a huge colour range, Hair Secrets gives brilliant volume and a silky-smooth finish each and every application.

Stunning looks, strength, and shine... the key to beautifully long hair is now in your hands.

Make it your secret today.

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